The Wisdom Story

When our chicks are delivered to the farm in the plains of Northeast Colorado at a day old, they are immediately put in a temperature controlled, stress-free environment with full access to water that comes directly from our deep well. They are fed a nutritionally balanced diet of corn and soybean meal and are never fed any hormones, antibiotics or growth promotents. Corn and soybean meal is what gives our poultry the unique fleshy texture that nature intended. When the chicks are just the right age they are given full access to the fresh air and sunshine of the great outdoors.

Poultry was never intended to be kept indoors in subdued light with no exercise, just to put on fat. When our poultry reaches just the right size we hand catch each bird and process them in our own USDA plant that is right on the farm. After processing, the birds are chilled immediately and are bagged and frozen in just hours. When you buy a fresh chicken in the store, ask your self, has it been frozen before? How do I know? How long has it been on the shelf? With ours you don’t have to ask, you know.

Thank you,

Jay and Cindy Wisdom